Thursday, March 27, 2008

Barry and Bonnie's Family

Barry is my first born son, but became second oldest when we adopted James. He is the only one of my children who has my coloring and therefore sunburns too easily. (Sorry about that, buddy!!!) He was also my sweetest child. He was the loving and nurturing one. He was so sweet to Lisa and would always let her tag along with him where ever he went.

One of my favorite memories of him was when he was about 4, Lisa was learning to crawl and she would try to follow him around the house, because she adored him so much. Of course she couldn't keep up with him, so he would get down on the floor and crawl next to her rather than leave her behind.

Later on, when they were old enough to go play with friends down the street, he would always take Lisa with him and never run off and leave her behind. He was always very careful with her and took such good care of her. All of the other Mom's in the neighborhood would ask me how I got him to behave that way. I always had to explain that it was nothing I was doing, it was just his personality!!!

Barry is very tall, about 6'5", and loves basketball!! He is also very good!!! When he first started playing, he would apologize when he fouled someone, that's how sweet he was! Of course he out grew that, now days he has even been know to INTENTIONALLY foul on occasion - if you can believe that!!!

His is married to Bonnie, who was one of my 4th year girls at Girls Camp when she was 14 and we have had a special relationship ever since. I was so surprised when she and Barry started dating. I would never have paired them up, but they make it work and are wonderful together.
It is really fun to have a daughter-in-law who I have known and loved for so long.

They have a 2 year old son, Jordan Michael (named after Michael Jordon - Barry's "hero") who is active and adorable and already a great shot! He's just a little bit older than Laurie's son, Drake, and is learning to talk up a storm. He says "Billy" almost perfectly - it comes out "Bee-lee" and is soooooo cute. He can't say "Lisa". He calls her "Ha Haus". Lisa has always prided herself on being a bit of a "Haus" ( is that how you spell that????? "Hoss" maybe????) plus she is funny - so she's cool with that.

Samantha is Barry and Bonnie's daughter, and currently my youngest grandchild. She's about 5 months old and is totally adorable. She is chubby and cute and darling. She has the biggest smiles and is starting to laugh out loud. She is my 3rd granddaughter and 9th grandchild. They lived the closest to me so I get to see them the most often and I absolutely love it.

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