Friday, March 28, 2008

Don and Sharon

These are my friends, Don and Sharon, who I live with. They are so kind to invite me into their home. They are more than generous. They were originally friends with my parents, before they left Texas and moved back to Emmett, Idaho. After that we became closer. Sharon and I both decorate cakes and we found that it is usually more fun to do big cakes, like wedding cakes, together. We have another friend, Lynn, who we got started doing cakes and the three of us have had some good times together.


Cecilia Mills said...

They sure are generous!!! I'm glad you guys have fun decorating cakes!!!

Lisa said...

It is great of them. Sharon helped with my wedding cake and it was amazing. I just read your whole blog I think you're doing a fantastic job. It's great to hear your stories and how I'm your favorite!