Friday, March 28, 2008


I am the most un-photogenic person on the planet and therefore HATE having my picture taken. However, here are a few - so you will know who I am.
This is me with my Grandpa Garner, my Dad's Dad, and his favorite horse, Robin.
I'd guess I'm about 5 here. Grandpa always had candy corn in his pocket, he used it to train his horses, his dogs, and his grand children. It seemed to work quite well for all of the above. I can't see Candy Corn without thinking of him. He died when I was still a newly wed, so he's been gone over 20 years now. I miss him! He was a wonderful man and always good to me.

This is me with my dad, Bert Garner, last May (2007) at my niece, Nicole's, wedding in Denver
Here is me, my Dad, my Mom, Carma Garner, and our friend, Sharon Erland, who traveled all the way from Houston to Denver with me to help me do the wedding cake for my nieces wedding. I also am currently living with Sharon and her husband, Don (not pictured).

Here I am holding my newest grandchild, Samantha, at the hospital the day after she was born.

This is Laurie, Me and Lisa, making silly faces for Bonnie
on Easter Sunday, 2008.
(Is it weird that Laurie and I each chose the same silly face???????)


Cecilia Mills said...

Cute pictures!!!I love the picture of you and your grandpa on the horse!!!

The Olaves said...

Aunt Karen!! I'm so happy I ran across your blog- it's been forever!!!