Thursday, March 20, 2008

Girly Cakes

This was Sharon and Don's 25th Wedding Anniversary Cake. It wasn't as yellow as it looks, it was more cream colored.
This was the cake we had at Lisa's Bridal Shower - it had charms inside it for the Bridesmaids to pull out.

This was the Cake and Camoflouge Grooms cake, that Lynn, Sharon and I made for Annette's brother's wedding in San Antonio.

This is the wedding cake I made for my neice Nicole last May, 2007. It was very different from what I usually make. The next picture is me working on the top layer.

Laurie posted this and the following pictures for me, of some of the cakes I have made for her and her boys over the years. Since I am currently living with some friends, I don't have my files or my pictures and etc. on hand. Nearly everything is in storage. It was fun to see some of these again. Cake decorating is fun and easy, although a bit time consuming. But it is always wonderful to create a thing of beauty, and if it tastes great too - all the better right???

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