Thursday, March 20, 2008

Laurie and Jason's Family

This is my first born, and eldest daughter, Laurie, with her handsome family.

Laurie is my "girlie girl" which explains why she was blessed with three sons. Of all my children, Laurie is actually the one most like me ( she'll probably deny this) in many ways, even though she has always looked the most like her father. She has always been fun, enthusiastic, determined, organized and very much "in-charge". My favorite quote of hers was, when she was only about 3 years old, she said "No body is the boss of me, but me !!"

She is married to Jason, who I adore. (I have been very blessed with both sons and daughters-in-law who are just wonderful!!!! I love all of them and count those blessings every day!)

Jason is super smart and a wonderful provider for his family. It is so nice to not have to worry about their safety and support. He recently won a nation wide award from the company he works for, for being the person who had helped improve the company the very most this last year. He is a mechanical engineer, but he is also a computer whiz and he created a computer program which made their work much easier and more "user friendly". We are all so very proud of him!!!!

Laurie and Jason's first born is Davis, 9, who is also very smart ( gets it from both of his parents) and who loves to draw and has already won several awards for his art work.

Dylan is 7 and is the nurturer in the group. He takes especially good care of his little brother, Drake. When ever I talk to him on the phone he spends most of his time talking about Drake and his latest accomplishments, rather than talking about himself. Dylan is so sweet and cute, he just adores his baby cousin, Samantha (5 mos.)too and loves to play with her and talk to her and hold her, It's so cute!!!!

Drake is 2 and full of energy and fun!!! He's at that adorable stage where he is learning to talk, but can't quite say everything yet. He does his best to keep up with his older brothers and definitely has a mind of his own.

Laurie has her hands full and overflowing, but she does an incredible job, I'm very proud of her.

She's also the one who started this blog for me - so I could "get with it". Lisa has helped me a bunch too. Laurie is by far the most avid photographer in the family and puts me to shame in that arena. I am forever either without a camera, forgetting my camera, or have my camera but forget to take any pictures. Laurie is always taking pictures and scrap booking them and sharing them. She is wonderful. She was the head photographer her Jr. and Sr. years of high school and it is still a hobby she loves. I am blown away by her creativity and business sense. She really makes me proud.

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