Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lisa and Billy

Lisa is my third and youngest daughter. She always insists that she is my favorite and that she is also the funniest. She is my athlete and the cutest quote from her was when she was 3 years old and Laurie was 9, she said; "I'm not a SISSY, like Laurie !!!"

When she was in elementary school, we used to have major fights every Sunday morning because she wanted to wear jeans to Church and I insisted on a dress. After years of angry Sunday mornings, we finally compromised on a denim skirt, which finally appeased her.

Growing up she was very close to her brother Barry, who is almost 3 years older than her. She adored him and wanted to be just like him. She went through a stage where she would get up every morning, go into Barry's room and put on his clothes. It was very cute!! She's been a Tom Boy from the very start. I was a Tom Boy when I was young too, but I've always enjoyed girlie dresses and etc. as well.

She is married to Billy, who treats her very well and is patient with her. She thinks I like him more than I do her, but she's wrong about that!!! But Billy is great and I love him! They compliment each other very well. Now that all of my children are grown, I am probably actually closest to Lisa. We even shared a best friend at one point.

Lisa and Billy have not chosen to bless me with any Grandchildren yet. Lisa claims all sorts of reasons, my theory is that since Laurie has all boys, Lisa figures she'll probably have a bunch of girlie girls, and the prospect terrifies her!!!!


Anonymous said...
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Karen said...

I didn't delete this, Laurie or Lisa did - I wonder what it said????

Laurie said...

I did, It was a porn ad.

Lisa said...

A porn ad on my post...isn't that funny??