Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm BACK!!!!

As you can easily see, I haven't posted anything here in an extremely long time. During the years of my divorcee status - it was very hard for me to think of positive, uplifting things to share. What I really felt like I needed was a group of women who were in similar circumstances to my own. But somehow it just didn't seem right to start or join a group called "Angry Mormon Women" or "Mormon Women Who Are Divorced and Extememly Angry About It" or "Mormon and MAD (Mad About Divorce)". Actually I kind of like that last one!!! Anyway, I felt like my entire life had been totally wasted. I felt like I had followed the teachings and admonitions of my Church and dedicated my life to my husband and children - and suddenly I'm all alone - as if all those years were nothing. Not to mention that I'm now old, with certain health problems, instead of young and beautiful. I had expected to spend these years sewing baby quilts and babysitting Grandchildren, not starting a new life all alone, with nothing to show for 30 years of marriage, no education beyond High School, and no prospects for the future.
Actually, not much has changed, but as they say "Time heals all wounds." and with time I have come to accept at least part of my circumstances with a happier heart. The biggest change is that I have recently married. So, in the days to come, I will share wedding pictures, and some of the things I have been doing with my time. I look forward to being more active here and to keeping in closer touch with friends and family. Love to all of You!!!

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