Friday, November 6, 2009

Making Aprons

Lately I've been making aprons. I was checking out my daughter's blogs one day and happened upon a blog about Flirty Aprons - I can't think of it's exact name right now - but they were having an apron swap to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness. I have been planning to sew some aprons, I had bought a cute pre-printed version some time ago and brought that with me to CA. Plus I had some adorable apron fabric I had also purchased but never got around to sewing up. All the aprons I already have are still in Texas in storage - so I really do need at least a couple for when I bake or decorate cakes. I also have a sister-in-law who is currently going thru radiation and chemo treatments and she is constantly on my mind. So I decided this apron swap would be a good way to get me started and going again on creative sewing. Before I could start on my "Passionately Pink" Apron for the swap (I had purchased the fabric) Mike and I went on a trip to Idaho (to see my parents) and Utah (to see his family and my son James). While in Utah, one of Mike's neices mentioned that she needed an apron for her Halloween costume and couldn't find what she wanted. It was so coincidental that I was going to be making aprons as soon as we got home, and she needed an apron, so I voluntered to make an apron for her. So these are the 3 different aprons I've made, so far!

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